Why You Should Choose Us

We will build your system custom so it will be yours becoming an asset to your practice with no rental or subscription fees. More affordable than any SaaS solution.

We are local in Florida. All our team will be knowledgeable about your business and are fluent in English, Spanish, and French. We offer the friendliest support in the U.S.

High coding standards and friendly & efficient support are only part of our services. We also provide content marketing, SEO, and SMO reputation.

Special Design with the latest user interface for a better user experience. We will propose features but you will choose what you want as you know best.

Your new custom practice management system

Our systems are built custom to your specifications. Doctor, patient and administrator dashboards are designed to make your daily work more efficient and enjoyable. Although everything will be built custom, please find below some suggestions on the function you may need. You can add any other features, such as an admin suppliers module, accounting module, and even a full ERP.

Doctor: Dashboard

Doctor's dashboard with the day's tasks, as well as a daily, weekly and monthly appointments agenda. Email and chat system with clients, colleagues, and practice admin. 

Doctor: Upcoming Appointments

Detailed calender with upcoming appointments that can be color coded for greater organization and ease of use. Calender features a month, week, and day view.

Doctor: Today's Appointments

Detailed page about today's appointments, broken down by hour and can be color coded for greater organization and ease of use.

Doctor: Patient List

Patients interface with conditions synopsis, previous and next appointment.

Doctor: Patient Details

Patients detail pages with personal info, biometrics,  diagnosis, treatment, medication, history, previous and next appointments, insurance provider, etc..

Doctor: Video Chat

Modern video chat system complete with patient info on the same screen and the possibility to make new notes and change existing info.

Patient: Dashboard

Patient dashboard provides an overview of a patient's medications, billing statements, medical records, trackers/vitals, appointments and doctor messages.

Patient: Doctor Search

Doctor search for patients to find and make appointments with doctors from different specialties and departments. 

Patient: Appointment Schedule

Interactive appointments schedule on a calender interface. Features a month, week, and day view.

Patient: Test Results

Patient test results conveniently and securely stored in one place.

Patient: Medication Refill Request

Securely store and administer prescription refill requests.

Patient: Billing Summary

Patient billing information, including payment history, services summary, etc.

Admin: Dashboard

The admin dashboard provides an overview of your medical practice, including appointment requests, new patients, messages, billing, and more.

Admin: Doctors, Assistants, Nurses and Employees List

Easily organize roles and permissions, including doctors, assistants, technicians, and nurses.

Admin: Patients and Insurance Verification

Easily and securely verify patient insurance information directly on your dashboard.

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