with a custom solution that can automate your bookings, client/vendor management, payments & more!

We will build your system custom so it will be yours becoming an asset to your business with no rental or subscription fees.

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Your new custom spa / wellness center management system

Our systems are built custom to your specifications. Although everything will be built custom, please find below some suggestions on the function you may need. You can add any other features, such as an admin suppliers module, accounting module, and even a full ERP.

Booking Front-end

Clients can easily book an appointment for a service with their preferred date, time and vendor.

Admin: Manage Services

Admins can easily manage their service offering, including editing, adding, and deleting services.

Admin: Manage Service Categories

Admins can easily manage their service categories.

Admin: Manage Rooms

Admins can easily manage the rooms in their facility.

Admin: Appointments

Admins can manage their appointments through a calendar interface that is color coded and sortable by vendor, service, client and appointment status.

Admin: Manage Bookings

Admins can easily manage their bookings, including assigning vendors and rooms for their clients' appointment.

Admin: Client Payments

Admins can easily manage their client and vendor payments.

Admin: Ecom Dashboard

Admins can easily manage their e-commerce complete with a useful dashboard that provides sales and activity updates.

Admin: Manage Vendors

Admins can easily manage their vendors, including their profiles, payments, etc.

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